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Case Study: Honda and Facebook

Honda has recently had a push adding social media to their marketing mix. The most widely received is their set up of an official Facebook fan page at The featured campaign “Everyone knows somebody who loves a Honda” is mediocre, in my opinion, but it’s really the Facebook fan follower response that matters. The campaign was part of the auto giant’s plan to talk about their core values while sticking to a tight budget. The idea is that Honda owners use the site to link to friends and create a global web. In turn, Honda can demonstrate how Honda is connected to everyone else. They refer to this campaign on their page as a “global social experiment”. Although when reading comments from the creative minds behind it, they say “It’s really an awareness campaign on a limited budget.” Not that we marketers and social media users haven’t already figured that out.Honda Accord

While the positioning is hardly original, and the page doesn’t look much different from a car manufacturer’s website, especially given the humdrum lineup of Honda models with devoted pages for each model, it’s enough of a hook to attract the target audience. As of November 10, 266,908 fans can’t be wrong. To participate in the “global social experiment” simply go to and click on the button “I love a Honda (current or past)” or “I know somebody who loves a Honda”. You get the idea.
Honda Facebook Campaign

It wasn’t their first foray into social media, but certainly their broadest campaign. They had tried much smaller social media efforts as part of their marketing mix to promote specific vehicles from the Honda family. These included a MySpace page for Element, and then Facebook pages for Fit and the hybrid Insight. Honda was initially hesitant to open up the two-way dialogue. “You open yourself up; it’s risky, but with the success of Fit and Insight with Facebook, they were able to see the advantage,” says Joe Baratelli, SVP and creative director at Honda’s creative agency RPA in a recent article on Mediapost. Ads and offers are noticeably missing from the Facebook page. However, one of the first user comments I saw was from a guy (possibly car dealer) with a car to sell, so there is no stopping users from doing their own advertisements. (more…)


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Social Media Crisis Management: Domino’s vs. Burger King

Social Media Crisis Example 1 - Domino'sHere is a great case study presented by Overdrive Online Marketing Blog over two separate, but equally disturbing, events that impacted Domino’s and Burger King. In both cases, workers do distardly things while on their shifts. In both cases, the videos spread virally first via social media channels like YouTube, then get picked up by major news outlets. But as far as a corporate headquarters response, one of the fast-food chains has a specific response through social media and the other sticks with a traditional media approach. In his analysis of the two examples, Overdrive author Nick Cifuentes comments:Social Media Crisis Example #2 - Burger King

Companies traditionally understand the value of crisis management, but as gossip and complaints can spread through social channels faster than the eye can blink, this new interconnectedness of consumers and complaints has brought about a renewed importance in crisis management – social media style.

Read the full post here to see how each crisis was handled:
Social Media Crisis Management 101

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How One Organization Used Facebook to Rally Its Supporters

This article written by Rob Birgfeld for SmartBlog on Social Media shows how a communications professional for the Lupus Foundation of America established an official Facebook cause page and used it as an information hub to rally other activists for the cause within the FB community.

Causes_on_Facebook_Lupus_Foundation_of_America_Inc_SmartBlog on Social Media: A Facebook Success Story from the Lupus Foundation of America.

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