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LinkedIn Gets #in with Twitter

Finally, LinkedIn has warmed up to Twitter. The new Tweets application on LinkedIn is just being rolled out now. Read more about how it works on the LinkedIn Blog. I expect there to be some good value for businesses, especially small businesses now that LinkedIn is starting to play in the social media app sandbox. LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and Twitter’s Biz Stone talk more about the partnership:  


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Social Media Tools 101 (From Blogs to Wikis)

Here is a great resource that runs the gamut of different tools related to social media, including blogs, wikis, video sharing, social networking and social news and bookmarking. You can read a brief definition of each tool, then drill-down to sample tools and services. There are also some fun “plain-English” clips that help you get the basic

Social Media Tools 101 (From Blogs to Wikis)

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