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How to Get Legal to Embrace Social Tools

red tape

For any business heavily governed by compliance or legal policies, this article from Social Media today shares some important tips for working with those areas as you develop your social media plan. Legal Versus Social: 7 Steps to an Amicable Relationship


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Facebook at Work = More or Less Productive?

CIOZone recently published an in-depth and thought provoking read in their article “Social Media in the Workplace: Boon or Bane?”  The article dissects a Nucleus Research study that casts a negative light on social media in businesses — with a central finding that when employees use Facebook at work, it leads to a 1.5% productivity loss. facebook_logo

The article rather effortlessly contradicts many of the Nucleus arguments while pointing to a host of studies that report more favorable findings about social media use at the office. One additional curiosity raised: given the bottom line recommendation that companies block access to Facebook, the article questions the possibility that one of the the Nucleus technology vendor clients sponsored the study.

The CIOZone article goes on to cite a myriad of additional studies on Facebook and social media use that present balanced or generally positive findings and conclusions. The discussion is rounded out by reviewing the trend of the blending of work and personal life and quotes from proponents of social media use explaining how it increases productivity on the job.

Read the full article from CIOZone, “Social Media in the Workplace: Boon or Bane?

What do you think? Have you ever had to work through lunch, when a quick five minutes checking your friends updates was your only break? Do you know someone who spends hours a day on social media sites? Do you feel you need to check work e-mail when you’re not at work? Does that make it reasonable to connect with personal social networks at the office?

(Note: In case there was any question, I created this post from home.)

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Social Media Policy Tips to Help You Get Started

As you start to draft your social media policy, Mashable offers some general rules of thumb for what to include in their article “1o Must Haves for Social Media Policies”.

Make it clear what employees can say when they use social media.

Make it clear what employees can say when they use social media.

If you’re ready to go but need a little help getting started, here is a sample social media policy template from Jaffe Associates, a PR agency serving law firms. Although their template focuses on lawyers and firms, the basic issues covered in this template can apply to many different types of businesses.

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Defining Social Media Policies: An Inside-Out Approach

traffic-lightIn upcoming posts, we will address social media policies, including surveying what other businesses have done and tips for starting your own.

Before tackling external policies, it can be beneficial to first define your company’s internal social media policies. What are your employees saying about your company on their own personal blogs or Facebook or LinkedIn? What information about your company should be considered appropriate to comment on? What topics are off-limits? Remember to review any existing general communications policies for background. 

Starting with an internal evaluation will help you in several ways. First, it provides you with perspective on how your employees are engaging in social media. It also establishes a framework for approaching forthcoming external policies and strategies. Another benefit: by engaging multiple departments and key stakeholders to contribute to the process, you raise awareness of the importance of social media. If more decision-makers understand the importance of social media and how it impacts your organizatoin, it may be easier to get support and sign-off when it’s time to pitch your social media strategies.

 The following article from Dave Fleet offers clear guidance on common issues to look out for.

Social Media Policies for Your Company: Internal Policies

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Top Questions for Social Media


Questions to consider before you develop a social media strategy.

Questions to consider before you develop a social media strategy.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the following questions that I drafted along with a few of my colleagues. They are intended to serve as an outline for determining whether or not social media makes sense for your business and how to move forward. I would love your comments on any of these questions and your thoughts regarding other questions. (more…)

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