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The Myth of the “Last Click”

More Social Media ROI from Ad:Tech New York. Here we dive deeper into an explanation why the “Last Click” way of measuring Social Media ROI is fundamentally flawed. Ad:Tech — The Myth of the “Last Click”.


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3 Challenges of Measuring Social Media ROI


Have the right expectations when determining ROI from your social media activities.

We’ve covered plenty of posts reviewing what social media is and why it can be important in your marketing and communications. We’ve spent time covering different practices and tools, as well as how to work with your different internal stakeholders to develop your own brand’s social media framework. By now you may have already created a plan and started trying out some social media tools. So how do you measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing? We’ll start to look at measurement of all this stuff. provides a great overview of three problems with measuring return on investment so I thought it would be a great way to introduce metrics as a topic in Social Media for Dummies. Tom Pick covers some good points in a blog post on It’s geared towards the B2B space, but I think it can be relevant to anyone. Here’s why he writes it can be problematic to try to demonstrate a hard return on social media investment:

  1. Social media is much more of a PR activity than a direct response marketing vehicle.
  2. The problem of last-click attribution (i.e., a buyer is influenced by multiple brand
    exposures rather than responding to a single ad or other medium).
  3. It is as much about “influencing the influencers” as it is about reaching buyers directly.

Read the full article here.

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