Social Media Crisis Management: Domino’s vs. Burger King

November 2, 2009 at 12:39 am Leave a comment

Social Media Crisis Example 1 - Domino'sHere is a great case study presented by Overdrive Online Marketing Blog over two separate, but equally disturbing, events that impacted Domino’s and Burger King. In both cases, workers do distardly things while on their shifts. In both cases, the videos spread virally first via social media channels like YouTube, then get picked up by major news outlets. But as far as a corporate headquarters response, one of the fast-food chains has a specific response through social media and the other sticks with a traditional media approach. In his analysis of the two examples, Overdrive author Nick Cifuentes comments:Social Media Crisis Example #2 - Burger King

Companies traditionally understand the value of crisis management, but as gossip and complaints can spread through social channels faster than the eye can blink, this new interconnectedness of consumers and complaints has brought about a renewed importance in crisis management – social media style.

Read the full post here to see how each crisis was handled:
Social Media Crisis Management 101

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