Bad Twitter Behavior You Can Easily Avoid

October 5, 2009 at 2:10 am Leave a comment

twitteroverloadIf you haven’t decided on whether or not Twitter is right for your business, you should at least check it out to see how other brands of interest are using it. Some of the worst offenses I’ve noticed are as follows:

  1. Tweeting a dozen times a day.
    This is TMI. While it’s great you obviously have a dedicated Tweeter, please be wary of risking your target audience tuning you out.
  2. Topics that are  irrelevant to your brand.
    While it makes sense for my health club to ask followers how many times a week they work out, it seems out of place when my favorite junk food brand poses the same question.
  3. Tweeting in a vaccuum.
    After a local spa announced a promotion via Twitter, I called immediately to make an appointment. None of the sales people had heard about the promotion. I had to go back and forth all day and almost gave up booking the appointment. Note to Corporate: next time clue in your affected staff / deapartments first.
  4. Delegating a spokesperson who doesn’t reflect your brand image.
    I used to get online e-newsletters from a popular women’s health and wellness magazine. In one issue, the Online Editor proudly announced “Follow Me on Twitter!”. But when I clicked on the Twitter profile, all I saw was a bunch of cheezy and juvenille banter that looked more like someone’s personal gossip page rather than a professional image of the women’s magazine. I promptly opted-out of the newsletter.

For more ideas on what not to do, blogger B.L. Ochman has posted a well-rounded list of reasons your business should avoid the Twittersphere:

B.L. Ochman’s blog: Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet

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