Top Questions for Social Media

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Questions to consider before you develop a social media strategy.

Questions to consider before you develop a social media strategy.

If you’re not sure where to begin, consider the following questions that I drafted along with a few of my colleagues. They are intended to serve as an outline for determining whether or not social media makes sense for your business and how to move forward. I would love your comments on any of these questions and your thoughts regarding other questions.

  1. What social media are we considering for this initiative – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs?
  2. What is the relevance of social media to our business and our brand (e.g., corporate visibility, combat negative comments, prospecting)?
  3. What audiences do we want to reach our target audiences with social media?
  4. How would we determine which employees would participate in social media (e.g., blogging, tweeting)
  5. Which employees have expressed the most interest? Which types of social media are they interested in?
  6. How is my business currently portrayed in social media?
  7. What are the challenges/opportunities pertaining to engaging in social media?
  8. What kind of input do we want from our clients and other target groups?
  9. How can/should we monitor and maintain social media?
  10. Which of our competitors / peers currently leverage social media, and how?
  11. What channels do our competitors use? How active are they?
  12. What kind of following do our competitors have? Who are their followers and what are they saying?
  13. What input do we want from our clients, stakeholders?
  14. How do we handle negative or inaccurate comments?
  15. What are specific pros / cons of different types of social media that we should be aware of?
  16. Do we have the resources, bandwidth and technology to monitor social media?
  17. How do our current policies about external communications apply or need to be updated?
  18. What industry or regulatory guidelines are in place that we need to be aware of with respect to social media?
  19. What internal teams will be responsible for defining and enforcing social media policies?
  20. What will my area’s role be in shaping, executing and/or monitoring a social media strategy?

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